About-Us_HeaderFounded in 2005 by Independent Living Systems (ILS), Care Delectables mission was to design healthy meals for those suffering from chronic illness.  Today, we deliver close to one million meals a month nationwide for those with chronic illness as well as for those desiring the convenience of freshly prepared, healthy meals.

Whether you are looking to continue receiving our meals, are interested in new nutritional options, or seeking to support parents, relatives, and friends that don’t live close by, Care Delectables is an ideal solution.  They are convenient, easy to prepare, and affordable.

All of our meal menus are designed by registered dietitians and prepared by our chefs in USDA inspected facilities.  Eating a balanced, nutritious meal can provide numerous benefits including: increased mental acuteness, resistance to illness, increased energy levels, faster recuperation, and better management of chronic health conditions.

All of our meals are nutritionally balanced – provide one-third of the USDA’s Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) – and are flash frozen for guaranteed freshness.  To prepare the meals, simply place them in a conventional oven or microwave and follow the easy to understand heating instructions.